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Sacrificial Ground

Autor: Thomas H. Cook Czyta: Michael Sutherland Audiobook

A troubled cop obsessively searches for a young girl's killer.

The young girl lies in a ditch without a scratch on her -- a white high school student stretched out dead in the black part of Atlanta. She was a rich girl from a cold family, too genteel for the neighborhood where she died, and only the baby in her belly suggests how she might have gotten there.

For Detective Frank Clemons, the scene is far too familiar. Too close to how it was when he found his own daughter, dead in the woods by her own hand, her youthful beauty cruelly ravaged by depression. Her suicide ended his marriage and sent him on a downward spiral that has nearly claimed his own life. To hang on to sanity, he must do everything he can to find justice for the dead.

© 2013 HighBridge Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781622310623

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