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Smashers Synched: Ceiling Smashers: Book 2

Autor: Shaz Kahng Czyta: Emily Woo Zeller Audiobook

The Award-Winning Novel Series: Bronze Medal - IPPY Awards

Best Second Novel Finalist - Next Generation Indie Book Awards

There's a secret society of professional women called the Ceiling Smashers.

And Smashers Synched is a brilliant tale that brings into sharp focus what it truly takes to become an extraordinary leader in today's business climate.

Four women are the founders of the Ceiling Smashers society. Who are these amazing women and how will they overcome the hurdles placed in their paths?

Meet Andi. She walks into work one day to learn that her private banking department has been acquired by a foreign bank and she's getting a new boss.

Meet Sofia. She finally gets the green light for a new CNBC show she's been pitching but the deal comes with a prickly new co-anchor.

Meet Grace. She's on sabbatical from her CMO job and wants to write the bible on rebranding while dreaming of running her own business

Meanwhile, their friend and fellow Ceiling Smasher, Vivien Lee, has taken on a massive leadership role at a sports company in Oregon.

These four women are at a career crossroads, which they will have to face with determination and defiance, while making daily decisions that will define them as individuals and shape their futures.

As this page-turner unfolds and twists of fate are revealed, what keeps these unforgettable characters going is their friendship, loyalty, and support of each other.

Smashers Synched is an exciting, uplifting, must-read novel that's perfect for your next vacation or stay-cation, and a slam-dunk as your next book club recommendation!

© 2021 OLOM Press (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781667053349