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Speaking Volumes

Autor: Gordon Griffin Czyta: Gordon Griffin Audiobook

How did a fishmonger's son from Tyneside, growing up in the 1950s with a Geordie accent, become the person who recorded over 900 audiobooks and received an MBE from the queen in the Birthday Honours of 2017. This 'charming', 'entertaining' and 'heart-warming' memoir answers that question.

"Not simply a reader but an artist of the spoken word" AUDIOFILE MAGAZINE

"Gordon Griffin, an entire acting company in one person" AUDIOFILE MAGAZINE

“Witty and moving memoir of how a working-class boy becomes THE voice of the spoken word. Honest and vivid account plus excellent advice for those of us who work with words.” MIRIAM MARGOLYES

© 2020 W. F. Howes Ltd (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781004028245

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