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Autor: Berlie Doherty Czyta: Sarah Ovens Audiobook

A blind girl and a unicorn in a world where magic and reality merge together. Can Laura save the Wild Ones and take them to the safety of the Bright Wilderness?

Laura is blind, but though she cannot see, she is an acutely perceptive child. As soon as she climbs onto the unicorn’s back she is hurled into a wild and magical world. Though a contemporary child, living in a contemporary setting, Spellhorn and the Wild Ones see Laura as their leader and they know that only through Laura can they reach the safety of the Bright Wilderness. But can the unicorns lead Laura back home to her own world?

Powerful and moving, a delicious blend of fantasy and reality.

© 2015 HarperCollins (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780008154547

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