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Steal From Your Heroes

Autor: Dr. Pasteur Tran Czyta: L.J. Ganser Audiobook

Steal from Your Heros: A Book that Will Teach You How to Live the Life You Dream of & Become as Successful as the Person You Always Admired.
Do you have a certain idea about how your perfect life would look like? And do you have a certain person, a hero you look up to?
Did you know that you can achieve everything your hero did? You just need something that will push you in the right direction.
This book will do that for you! It will teach you a simple trick that will help you become just like the person you admire – steal from them. By stealing, the author doesn’t think of physical possessions, of course.
This book aims to teach you that by analyzing a certain person, you can become just like them. Analyze their skills, their ideas, their motivation, and then make them your own! Want to become a writer? Study the traits of your favorite authors and work on developing them. Want to become a CEO? Pick up one successful businessman and study his journey to success.
Here’s what you’ll discover inside this book:
• How to Steal from Your Heroes: Discover what is the best way to analyze a person’s skills and work on developing those;
• Starting Your Transformation Journey: Learn incredibly important tips that will help you change your life, such as surrounding yourself with the right people or always saying yes;
• Conquering the Obstacles: Read how you can successfully conquer any obstacle that appears on your transformation journey and become the person you always wanted;
• And much more!
Creating the best version of yourself is just one click away. Learn how to choose traits
you want to acquire, develop them, and become just like the person you always admired.

© 2020 Author's Republic (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781662143861