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Stones of My Accusers

Autor: Tracy Groot Czyta: Rachel Botchan Audiobook

You're the one, Nathaniel had said. You go and tell her, "No stones." Rivkah knows her own sin all too well. She knows the prophets' judgments against women like her?and still believes that prostitution doesn't even compare to the most secret and shameful incident of her past. Not even her best friend knows what she did. Only God knows. Determined to make her way to Caesarea Maritima to confront the mother of her beloved Nathaniel, Jorah has no time to consider the rumors she hears of her brother Jesus' resurrection. She'll stop at nothing to get the answers she needs. A former Zealot, Joab is wrestling with delivering a message to a woman named Rivkah?a message that challenges everything he ever believed. A message from her son . . . "No stones."

© 2018 Recorded Books, Inc. (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781501998034

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