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Summary Bundle: Biography & Memoir – Includes Summary of The Forgotten 500 & Summary of The Girl with Seven Names

Autor: Abbey Beathan Czyta: Cayla Taylor Audiobook

Summary Bundle: Biography & Memoir: Includes Summary of The Forgotten 500 & Summary of The Girl with Seven Names

From the Description of "Summary of The Forgotten 500"…

"A sense of duty pursues us ever. It is omnipresent, like the Deity. If we take to ourselves the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, duty performed or duty violated is still with us, for our happiness or our misery. " - Gregory A. Freeman

Operation Halyard had to be executed perfectly. The starving Americans needed to construct a large strip large enough for the rescue plane without tools and without alerting the Germans or endangering the villagers…

From the Description of "Summary of The Girl with Seven Names"…

"Dictatorships may seem strong and unified, but they are always weaker than they appear. " - Hyeonseo Lee

Learning about the state of mind of a person living under a terrible dictatorship is extremely useful for building empathy and comprehending very important historic truths. That's why The Girl with Seven Names brings so much value, it portrays a harsh reality and with a brilliant narrative, manages to deliver an interesting and complicated story about the realities people who were born in the wrong country at the wrong time have to face.

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