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Summary Bundle: Stoicism & Memoir – Includes Summary of The Daily Stoic & Summary of The Doomsday Machine

Autor: Abbey Beathan Czyta: Cayla Taylor Audiobook

Summary Bundle: Stoicism & Memoir: Includes Summary of The Daily Stoic & Summary of The Doomsday Machine

From the Description of "Summary of The Daily Stoic"…

"What we desire makes us vulnerable. " - Ryan Holiday

Learn why the Stoics were viewed as the wisest individuals in the world. Take a time to ponder on their powerful quotations, anecdotes, provocative commentaries and an awesome glossary that will define concepts you might never have heard before!

From the Description of "Summary of The Doomsday Machine"…

"Whether rightly or wrongly, we are the only country in the world that believes it won a war by bombing - specifically by bombing cities with weapons of mass destruction, fire bombs, and atomic bombs - and believes that it was fully justified in doing so. It is a dangerous state of mind. " - Daniel Ellsberg

Ellsberg also does an analysis of how harmful even a small nuclear exchange is. He showed in a nuclear exchange, billions of people and that's just the minimum. If the exchange is bigger then it would be even more fatal.

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