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The Brand Bubble: The Looming Crisis in Brand Value and How to Avoid It

Autor: John Gerzema, Edward Lebar Czyta: Peter Ganim Audiobook

This book lays out credible evidence that points to yet another impending bubble. One which, if not corrected, could drive down valuation multiples and stock prices around the world. The authors have concluded from a detailed analysis of a decades worth of brand and financial data that business is riding on yet another bubble. A brand bubble. The traditional business models and strategies marketers have used for generations simply no longer work. While most managers still see metrics like trust and awareness as the backbone of how brands are built, analysis shows they are dead wrong these metrics do not add to increased asset value. In fact, by following them, marketers are led astray, actually hastening the declining value of their brands. The authors lay out a clear path to jumpstart the power of branding again. They show the brands that are succeeding already and will succeed in the future have an insatiable appetite for creativity and a questing spirit for change. They understand differentiation and how to evolve it. What they have is a more powerful form of differentiation. These brands offer consumers a palpable sense of movement and direction and contain energized differentiation that drive future corporate financial performance far greater than the traditional brands that have formerly dominated the market.

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