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The Breaker: Ash book 6

Autor: Nick Petrie Czyta: Stephen Mendel Audiobook

In the sixth white-knuckle thriller from bestselling author Nick Petrie, Peter Ash hunts an assassin – if he suceeds in catching him, Peter's own record will be wiped clean...

With two governments out to get him, ex-soldier Peter Ash has been keeping a low profile. His quiet existence in Milwaukee is far from the action-packed life he's been used to, but perhaps that's no bad thing...

But when he spots a suspicious armed man walking into a busy market, Peter can't stand by and do nothing. He manages to prevent a tragedy, but the gunman escapes and his intended victim vanishes into the crowd. Then a powerful associate from Peter's past appears and makes him an irresistible offer: get to the bottom of what happened that day, and his record will be scrubbed clean.

This is Peter's only path to a life free from the threat of prison. Now, he'll have to fight harder than ever before to ensure that freedom doesn't come at too high a cost...

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