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The Demon Apostle (3 of 3) [Dramatized Adaptation]: The DemonWars Saga 3

Autor: R.A. Salvatore Czyta: Nanette Savard, Christopher Graybill, Richard Rohan, Colleen Delaney, Mort Shelby, David Coyne, Joe Brack, Andy Clemence, Eric Messner, Steven Carpenter, Elizabeth Jernigan Audiobook

"Elbryan, Bradwarden the Centaur, Roger Lockless and the renegade Abellican Monks arrive at the Barbacan, resting place of the defeated demon dactyl and his nemesis, Avelyn Desbris. And that wasteland will once again run red with blood in a cataclysmic battle.

The showdown between Nightbird and the weretiger De'Unnero draws nigh and Jilseponie makes her final move to avenge the death of her parents at the hands of Father Abbot Dalebert Markwart."

© 2022 GraphicAudio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781685087005