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The Dinosaur Tamer

Autor: Peter Banks, Andrew Keegan, Marcia Mazur Czyta: P.J. Ochlan, Tanya Eby Audiobook

Danny Littleton feels like he is turning into a dinosaur every time he goes to the doctor's office. After all, dinosaurs don't have to be afraid of anything, including having diabetes. The doctor understands how Danny feels. He and Danny talk, and later, in school, Danny realizes that if he pretends he is a dinosaur, he can get up in front of the class and explain his diabetes.

"The Dinosaur Tamer" is just one of twenty-five fictional stories that will entertain, enlighten, and ease your child's frustrations about having diabetes. Each tale warmly evaporates the fear of insulin shots, blood tests, being "different," and all the other not-so-fun parts of having diabetes.

© 2019 HighBridge Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781684415014

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