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The Essential Works of Walt Whitman

Autor: Walt Whitman E-book

Musaicum Books presents to you this meticulously edited Walt Whitman collection:

Table of Contents:
Leaves of Grass (The Original 1855 Edition):
Song of Myself
A Song for Occupations
To Think of Time
The Sleepers
I Sing the Body Electric
Song of the Answerer
Europe the 72d and 73d Years of These States
A Boston Ballad
There Was a Child Went Forth
Who Learns My Lesson Complete
Great Are the Myths
Leaves of Grass (The Final Edition):
Starting from Paumanok
Song of Myself
Children of Adam
Salut au Monde!
Song of the Open Road
Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
Song of the Answerer
Our Old Feuillage
A Song of Joys
Song of the Broad-Axe
Song of the Exposition
Song of the Redwood-Tree
A Song for Occupations
A Song of the Rolling Earth
Birds of Passage
A Broadway Pageant
By the Roadside
Memories of President Lincoln
By Blue Ontario's Shore
Autumn Rivulets
Proud Music of the Storm
Passage to India
Prayer of Columbus
The Sleepers
To Think of Time
Whispers of Heavenly Death
Thou Mother with Thy Equal Brood
From Noon to Starry Night
Songs of Parting
Sands at Seventy
Good-Bye My Fancy
Other Poems

Franklin Evans
Life and Adventures of Jack Engle

Short Stories:
The Half-Breed
Bervance; or, Father and Son
The Tomb-Blossoms
The Last of the Sacred Army
The Child-Ghost
Reuben's Last Wish
A Legend of Life and Love
The Angel of Tears
The Death of Wind-Foot
The Madman
Eris; A Spirit Record
My Boys and Girls
The Fireman's Dream
The Little Sleighers
Shirval: A Tale of Jerusalem
Richard Parker's Widow
Some Fact-Romances
The Shadow and the Light of a Young Man's Soul

Other Works:
Manly Health and Training
Specimen Days
Notes Left Over
Pieces in Early Youth
November Boughs
Good-Bye My Fancy
Some Laggards Yet

The Wound Dresser
The Letters of Anne Gilchrist and Walt Whitman

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