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The Golden Boys at the Haunted Camp

Autor: L.P. Wyman E-book

The Golden Boys at the Haunted Camp (1924) is an adventure novel by L.P. Wyman and one of seven books in his vastly underrated—and relatively unknown—Golden Boys series.

Each novel follows the adventures of Bob and Jack Golden, brothers from Maine with curious minds and adventurous hearts. Together, often alongside their trusted friend Rex Dale, the Golden Boys use their problem-solving skills and wilderness experience to overcome danger, discover strange places, and grow into fine young men.

The story begins with a mysterious, late-night phone call. Mr. Stokes, an acquaintance of their friend Rex Dale, is on his way to meet the Golden Boys at their military school near Philadelphia. In the morning, Bob and Jack Golden speak with Mr. Stokes, who tells them he has bought a camp near their home in Skowhegan, Maine, only to discover—after a series of accidents and mysterious events—that the site is haunted! The very next morning, the Golden Boys get on their motorcycles and begin the long journey north. After several days at the camp with no sign of the ghost, the Golden Boys return to the peaceful days of their youth, tracking and fishing together in the deep woods of Maine. Lulled into a state of calm, the brothers are terrified when a strange light begins to shine on the wall of their bunkhouse at night. Collecting themselves, Bob and Jack realise the light is transmitting a message in Morse code, and soon find its source—high up on the peak of Mt. Katahdin! As The Golden Boys at the Haunted Camp unfolds, and as the mystery begins to unravel, no reader will want the excitement to end.

L.P. Wyman’s The Golden Boys at the Haunted Camp is the work of a talented author, and is both easy to read and difficult to put down. Published several years before the debut of The Hardy Boys series, which would dominate young adult fiction for decades to come, The Golden Boys series is long overdue for the attention and appreciation it deserves. Although originally published for an audience of teenage boys, Wyman’s series is perfect for children of all ages and genders, as well as for adults looking to return to the simple, exciting fiction of their youth.

With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of L.P. Wyman’s The Golden Boys at the Haunted Camp is a newly unearthed classic of young adult literature reimagined for modern readers.

© 2020 Mint Editions (E-book) ISBN: 9781513266824

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