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The History of Ireland: From the Earliest Period to the Emancipation of the Catholics

Autor: Thomas D'Arcy McGee E-book

"The History of Ireland" has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.

Table of Contents:
Volume 1:
The First Inhabitants
The First Ages
Christianity Preached at Tara
Reign of Hugh II
Kings of the Seventh Century
Kings of the Eighth Century
The Danish Invasion
Kings of the Ninth Century
Kings of the Tenth Century
The Contest between the North and South
State of Religion and Learning among the Irish previous to the Anglo-Norman Invasion
The First Expedition of the Normans into Ireland
The First Campaign of Earl Richard
Siege of Dublin
Henry II in Ireland
Events of the Thirteenth Century
The Rise of "the Red Earl"
Relations of Ireland and Scotland
Civil War in England
Change of Dynasty in England
State of Religion and Learning during the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
Irish Policy of Henry the Eighth during the Lifetime of Cardinal Wolsey
First Attempts to Introduce the Protestant Reformation
Parliament of 1541
The Crowns United…

Volume 2:
Parliament of 1569
The Second "Geraldine League"
Parliament of 1585
The Ulster Confederacy
Essex's Campaign of 1599
The Conquest of Munster
State of Religion and Learning during the Reign of Elizabeth
James I
The Insurrection of 1641
The Catholic Confederation
The Confederate War
The Cessation and its Consequences
Cromwell's Campaign (1649-1650)
Ireland under the Protectorate
Reign of Charles II
The State of Religion and Learning in Ireland during the Seventeenth Century
Accession of James II
Irish Parliament of 1689
The Revolutionary War
Capitulation of Limerick
Reign of King William
Reign of Queen Anne
Reign of George II
Accession of George III
Flood's Leadership
Grattan's Leadership
The Era of Independence
The United Irishmen
The Insurrection of 1798
Last Session of the Irish Parliament
The Legislative Union of Great Britain and Ireland
O'Connell's Leadership
The Catholic Association
Emancipation of the Catholics…

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