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The Return of a Gangster’s Girl

Autor: Chunichi Czyta: iiKane Audiobook

Brokenhearted, scorned Ceazia is back home in Virginia and up to her old ways. With her road dawg, Diamond, by her side, she’s unstoppable, until the attention she’s used to falls on her friend and envy rears its ugly head.

When she pulls Shawn, Diamond gets the luxuries Ceazia’s used to and now lacking, which sets things off. Now eager to get a man that outshines Shawn, Ceazia meets Judah. Catching wind that Shawn is indebted to Judah, Ceazia devises the perfect plan to knock Shawn off his pedestal and end Diamond’s fantasies.

Trust no one without knowing their agenda, or be ready to find out whose game is tighter.

© 2018 Urban Audiobooks (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781538449998