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The Thirty Days' War

Autor: Max Hennessy E-book

A swarm of enemy aircraft. A hopeless task. A brilliant commander.

Kubaiyah, an RAF airstrip squeezed between a razor-like ridge and a harsh desert plain, must be defended. But with the Nazis poised to conquer the Middle East and Britain stripped of her allies, things look bleak.

Only the eccentric and gifted flying officer, Anthony Boumphrey, can save them. Armed with forty planes, all of which are training machines and biplanes, Boumphrey leads a brilliant squadron of men against the noxious might of Hitler’s Luftwaffe.

Surrounded by sneering Messerschmitts and the hammer of eighteen-pounder guns, Boumphrey and his ‘Belles’ battle for their freedom… and a place in history.

An absolutely brilliant aviation thriller, capturing all the savagery and nostalgia of WWII dogfights, perfect for fans of Alistair MacLean, W. E. Johns and John Nichol.

© 2021 Canelo Action (E-book) ISBN: 9781800324831