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They Don’t Play Fair

Autor: Clifford "Spud" Johnson Czyta: Tony Isabella Audiobook

Papio and Special are back! Their love for one another has withstood the drama and turmoil of their chaotic lives, but their thirst for the dollar has once again set them on a crash course for mayhem. They’ve accumulated a long list of enemies, and now it’s time to do battle. Calling on some strong allies to assist them, they insist that no one will be spared, and no one will get in their way. Papio and Special are going all out to get what they want and what they feel they deserve. Whatever it takes, their goals will be reached. There are no rules in the game they are playing. They don’t care about rules anyway, because They Don’t Play Fair!

© 2022 Urban Audiobooks (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781094060316