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To A Tea

Autor: Vera Dodge Czyta: Jennifer Nittoso Audiobook

Business is booming at Tea for Two, so cousins Elaine Cook and Jan Blake decide to hire more help. When Elaine interviews a dapper Englishman with a resume full of important jobs around the world, she can’t help but wonder, why does he want to work here?

As the tearoom readies its first wedding, Elaine’s concerns are quickly over shadowed by the groom’s sudden disappearance. Cold feet or foul play? The distraught bride turns to the cousins, who spring into action to find the missing grown. To make matters worse, a local bank is robbed. Could the two incidents be related?

Elaine and Jan set out in different directions to solve the mystery—even taking Jan to the town’s biker bar! Before long, it becomes clear that the cousins are unraveling the same thread from different ends. The question is, will they meet in the middle?

© 2020 Guideposts (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781949278774