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Trial By Fire

Autor: J.A. Jance Czyta: Karen Ziemba Audiobook

New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance’s journalist-turned-sleuth Ali Reynolds strives to grant a dying woman’s last request—to find the people who nearly killed her.

When a subdivision-in-the-making goes up in flames, everyone hopes that the unfinished, unoccupied homes will yield no victims. But when an unidentified woman is found barely alive and burned beyond recognition, she is immediately taken to the ER, where she lies for months in a medically induced coma. When she finally emerges from her coma, she is met with a bleak and lonely existence.

Badly disfigured and suffering from amnesia, her recovery is further shattered by a cancer diagnosis. Now with sudden desperation, there are two crucial things she is desperate to discover: who saved her life, and who tried to kill her in the first place. And Ali Reynolds is the only person she trusts to beat the clock.

© 2009 Simon & Schuster Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780743597432