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Turning Point

Autor: Edd McNair Czyta: Katherine Dollison Audiobook

Anita is a young, strong black woman who made her dreams a reality: the house, the cars, a generous bank account, and a fiancé who was getting ready to go pro. Everything was perfect. She was only a step away from finishing her doctorate when her world was shattered. Her fiancé left her, and he left her HIV-positive. Then she met Prince; fresh out of jail on a murder charge but with every intention of changing his life around. When Anita crosses his path, she is a blessing in helping him get his business and his life on track and elevated, but she never figured he was the type to fall in love.

When Leah’s teenage love Dropp got caught up and sent away for a five-year bid, Brit, a low key hustler, was there to show her that she never had to be alone again. Leah fell hard for Brit, married him, and made a family. But now Dropp is home and back on the streets claiming fame with Leah on his mind. His persistence makes her question her love for Brit and why she still feels that Dropp belongs to her.

Truck and Cadillac grew up in South Norfolk, Oakley Park projects. The terror they caused through the city made mothers and grandmothers fall to the ground letting out heartbreaking cries. These brothers moved in the streets with only one thing on the mind: getting money! Until their sister Precious is caught in the middle, and when tragedy hits home, they all reach a Turning Point.

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