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Autor: Gayle Parness Czyta: Reba Buhr Audiobook

As the Rogues Team searches for her, an unexpected ally helps Jackie plan her escape.

Jackie, a magically gifted cheetah shapeshifter, is the prisoner of a powerful fae lord who wants her to bear his child. But Jackie has a lifemate she adores, and will fight with tooth and claw, never agreeing to submit.

Garrett, her mate, is searching for Jackie with the help of his team of vampires, shifters and fae, but the clues are misleading and Garrett is afraid the worst may happen.

And when someone unexpected appears, holding the key to her freedom, Jackie may have to make a dangerous bargain that might impact her future for years to come.

"Ms. Parness makes Jackie's story entertaining while showing the utmost compassion. And bad-assery!"

Audiobooks by Gayle Parness: Rogues Shifter Series: Book 1-Rebirth, Book 2-Stalked, Book 3-Twisted, Book 4-Blown Away, Book 5-Caught Between, Book 6-Torn Apart, Book 7-Cut Off, Book 8-Bloodspelled, Book 9-At Risk.

© 2021 Gayle Parness (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781664926622

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