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Evolution has a far greater reach than us turning from primates to humans. Business has its own version of evolution and very recently we are witnessing a rate of evolution in businesses that has never gripped organizations ever before. In a single year you may see trends falling out and things being considered old as newer and better versions of the same products and services make it to the markets.

For business organizations now, there is nothing else that changes more quickly as their marketing strategies. At this time, the one marketing strategy where every company has made a beeline for is social media. The only place where people of a vast range of interests, geographic diversities, race, ethnicity and choices come together. Social media marketing may be old enough but considering the other types of media that are used for marketing, it is still in its nascent stages.

Twitter is one of those social media platforms that provide a perfect springboard for brands who want to make their presence felt. Marketing firms today are very different from the way they started out. Not just a physical difference but also the employment structure of companies have changed to house marketing teams that can focus on social media and ensure that their brand is recognized by the vast number of users on social media platforms.

This book outlines the beginning of Twitter marketing and how it has helped numerous brands succeed online and make their presence felt. We are also going to talk about the different aspects of Twitter marketing which help brands make the most of marketing through Twitter. Marketing is now a loose term that can encompass a vast variety of strategies. This is exactly why we have come to accept the many prefixes which define the types of marketing that is in discussion.

At this time, marketing teams are coerced into ideating new and innovative ways of capturing the market and Twitter seems to be full of creative content from companies and organizations who know exactly how to capture the essence of marketing for their success. In the many forms that marketing exists, Twitter is quickly becoming one of the choice places for organizations to showcase their products and services. Through this book we will also try to cover some success and failures on Twitter that augmented a brand’s reach or pulled it down.

Twitter’s advantage and the things that you may want to be careful about when using Twitter for marketing will help you define the rules for marketing on Twitter for your brand. While all your clients may not be using Twitter, chances are that a major chunk of them already are and a huge number of potential customers are waiting to be explored by brands. So use Twitter not only to engage with your current customers to foster brand loyalty, but also to get your brand the visibility it needs.


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