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Unexpected Love Story

Autor: Natasha Madison Czyta: Caitlin Davies, Connor Crais Audiobook

I was the strong one, they said, until two words brought me to my knees. It was a secret I didn't share with anyone, a secret that made me promise I’d never fall in love.

I no longer wanted that white picket fence of every woman’s dreams. But then the unthinkable happened.

I thought I had it all with the best medical practice in the state and the woman of my dreams. I wore a smile on my face every single day. I couldn't wait to watch her walk down the aisle and start our forever, except she never did. My runaway bride made me realize love isn't worth it.

What happens when your dreams unexpectedly come true?

© 2020 Dreamscape Media (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781666552829

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