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Witch of the Lake: The Complete Trilogy

Autor: Miranda Honfleur, Nicolette Andrews Czyta: Caitlin Davies Audiobook

In a struggle between gods, a young witch and the village she protects are caught in the crossfire.

The dark god's cult aims to sweep up not just the village but the entire country. An unlikely force must stand against the onslaught.

Brygida, who comes from a long line of water witches serving their goddess, now challenged with a gift of dark power.

Kaspian, a second-born son who thought he'd spend his life painting instead of tending the rulership … until the murder of someone very dear to him.

And the Madwood, a slumbering forest full of apparitions, whose strength or madness could change the world forever …

Can Brygida and Kaspian stem the dark tide of the cult together? Or will they, their people, their lands, and everything drown in the mortal inevitability of blood, demons, and a waking wood with an insatiable hunger … ?

© 2021 Tantor Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781666189322