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Worship and the World to Come: Exploring Christian Hope in Contemporary Worship

Autor: Glenn Packiam Czyta: Ramon de Ocampo Audiobook

Christians sing because we are people of hope.

Yet our hope is unlike other kinds of hope. We are not optimists; nor are we escapists. Christian hope is uniquely shaped by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and by the promise of our own future resurrection.

How is that hope both expressed and experienced in contemporary worship? In this volume in the Dynamics of Christian Worship series, pastor, theologian, and songwriter Glenn Packiam explores what Christians sing about when they sing about hope and what kind of hope they experience when they worship together. Through his analysis and reflection, we find that Christian worship is crucial to both the proclamation and the formation of Christian hope.

© 2021 christianaudio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781545918395

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