Canadians and War Volume 2: Vimy Ridge - Jeremy Lammi

Canadians and War Volume 2: Vimy Ridge

Canadians and War Volume 2: Vimy Ridge

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Often touted as the moment that made Canada a nation, the Battle of Vimy Ridge has attained almost legendary status in the canon of our history. This collection of essays explores and analyses the specific battle itself as well as some of the historical meaning surrounding the events. Karen Hann, in "A Dominion Comes of Age: The Battle of Vimy Ridge," presents a basic look at the battle itself. Hann introduces the main players, discusses troop movements, and explains some of the historical and political significances of the various elements of the battle. In the second essay, ""How did the Canadian Corps Achieve the Magnificent Victory at Vimy Ridge when Other Allied Armies Failed?" returning Lammi Publishing author Bill Leavey, offers a deeper analysis of the battle plans and movements. Leavey brings his military background to fore as he teaches us why and how Canada achieved such a remarkable victory when so many others had failed. Our final essay, "Vimy Ridge: Sons and Brothers," written by newcomer Keith Elliot, provides us with a more personal look at this seminal battle and what it means. Elliot weaves the narrative of his own journey to the memorial with the story of a great-great uncle he never knew who fought at the infamous Ridge. Together, these works should allow newcomers to gain a good picture of that which we celebrate this April as well as offer new insights to experienced scholars looking to further their knowledge of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
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Utgiven: 2017-03-21
ISBN: 9780995006058

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