Temporarily Out of Order - Jim Redman,Bonnie Grier,Debbie Redman

Temporarily Out of Order

Temporarily Out of Order

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Despite taking steps to ensure a healthy winter, Debbie Redman develops mysterious aches and pains that persist over the Holidays, making the busy season at her hair salon increasingly difficult to endure. Several doctor appointments, emergency room visits, and overnight hospital stays fail to yield answers or relief as her pains transition into paralysis. Eventually, Debbie is rushed to a university hospital, where she is diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome. To make matters even more desperate, she soon succumbs to respiratory failure. Almost completely paralyzed, she is in complete agony and unable to move or communicate. When she is finally stabilized, Debbie’s sight, her only sensory means of communication, is also taken away. Her mother, friend, son, and husband Jim provide support and tough love with a sense of humor, helping her endure her torturous condition. Surrounded by machines, tubes, and beeping noises, they faced each day with a mixture of fear and courage. What did God have in store for them? A lesson in faith and love? Jim’s steadfast love for Debbie held strong through this unbelievable quest to bring inspiration to his wife. With stubborn grit and strength from loved ones, she ultimately rallies through recovery and rehabilitation to return to work one year later.
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Förlag: Untreed Reads - eLectio Publishing
Utgiven: 2015-05-01
ISBN: 9781632131058

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