How to Manage Your Own Website - Greta Rose Zagarino

How to Manage Your Own Website

How to Manage Your Own Website

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Welcome to the new "online frontier", where it is suddenly mandatory to have a basic understanding of how to (a) manage your business website, (b) engage with social media, (c) grow an online audience, (d) master SEO and (e) Google Analytics, (f) generate authentic and compelling content, (g) maintain an active blog and newsletter, (h) know how to inspire and share your brand throughout the universe.... oh, and (i) continue to run your existing business.Feeling overwhelmed and confused by it all?Its perfectly natural to feel a bit lost. Actually, it would be odd if you didnt!Youve probably already invested some funds into building your website. Now, your beautiful new website is finally complete and its up to you (or your team) to keep the site fast, functional, updated, and producing results that help grow your business.This responsibility can feel intimidating, even burdensome, especially if you dont see yourself as a "technical person".It might be tempting to ignore it and risk losing all you have built thus far.If you are reading this right now, I get it. I spend my days working with amazing people just like you, and I am beyond empathetic with the heightened emotions that often come with inheriting a new website... but Im also not letting you off the hook.Together, you and I are going to figure this out.I wrote this book because I believe its really asking too much to expect you to remember everything without help. While there are plenty of how-to books on any one of these topics, I had yet to come across a simple book that helped my clients understand how all the various online pieces fit together.I wanted to create a one-stop help guide, providing my clients with everything they would need to know inside of one book.I also wanted to provide some comfort and guidance to counter the potential stress of learning a new technology. This book was created so you can catch your breath, start at the beginning and gain some perspective.Once this happens, I believe in your ability to manage your online business. It is possible! Youll be the captain of your ship, not the deckhand scrambling frantically to and fro below.Youre not only going to manage your website, youre going to manage it well.So, lets start exactly where you are. Grant yourself permission to be a beginner in those moments of utter frustration and angst. Im right here with you!REVIEWSThis isnt a book. This is a solution. " - Greenbuilders, Inc.Greta Rose was highly recommended to me. And now, I highly recommend Greta Rose! -Dr. Susanne Bennett, best selling author of The 7-Day Allergy Makeover and host of The Wellness For Life Radio showWow. This book is such a gift. Thank you. -Heidi Roberts, founder of Motion TherapyGreta is one Badass Supreme Goddess Web Master and Marketing Guru. Working with her as been one of the best business decisions weve made."- Kimberly Bailey, owner of The Butter End CakeryBONUS: FREE PLAYBOOK DOWNLOADWhen you buy this book, be sure to get your FREE PLAYBOOK DOWNLOAD full of bonus exercise sheets to help you even more. Enjoy the ride. Your journey starts now.-Greta Rose Zagarino
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Utgiven: 2015-05-18
ISBN: 9781783017232

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