Seasons of Dancing - Eunice Olawo

Seasons of Dancing

Seasons of Dancing

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When six men came broke into her home and raped her, Eunice's life took a different turn. She had to deal with the trauma, while balancing her duties as a wife and mother. Raised by a mother, struggling against poverty and who had to bury her children due to sickle-cell anaemia, Eunice had to learn how to cater for herself and her other siblings at a young age. She also faced discrimination from her immediate family members and friends, but her determination sees her through such trials. Seasons of Dancing is a personal journey through life's trials, and a final victory over them. It is also a story of growth, and a statement that one can get through life with determination and belief in God. Eunice picks up her life pieces to make herself whole again and to reach out to other survivors of rape to show them how to get through the trauma and anxiety brought by the incident.
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Förlag: Untreed Reads - Master Publishing
Utgiven: 2014-07-14
ISBN: 9789966052124

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