Saving Face - Andy Robin,Gregg Kavet

Saving Face

Saving Face

0.0 0 5 Författare: Andy Robin,Gregg Kavet
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Little fixes for life's BIG faux pas Figuring out which salad fork to use is a relative no-brainer, but what's the protocol for using a lockless bathroom or getting caught regifting? Saving Face daringly examines dozens of our worst-case social scenarios. Using helpful illustrations and a "toolbox" of general techniques and technologies, you'll learn what to do if caught: Arriving without a gift Forgetting a name Being served horrible food Starting or ending a workplace romance Sitting next to your boss on a plane Mistakenly thinking someone's coming on to you Clogging someone else's toilet Getting rid of guests Leaving a bad phone message From the office to the dining room to the appearance of freeloading cousins at your doorstep, you'll confidently turn snafus into saves and finesse those social situations once destined for disaster.
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Förlag: Gallery Books
Utgiven: 2010-06-15
ISBN: 9781451603439

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