Where There's A Will - Bailey Bradford

Where There's A Will

Where There's A Will

3.8 25 5 Författare: Bailey Bradford
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Three men whove given up on love find it in the most unexpected place. A rough cowboy, a sassy spitfire, and a bartender-they sound like the start of a joke, but theres nothing funny about the way Carlos feels when a sexy spitfire of a man blows him a kiss. Carlos came down to Texas from the Mossy Glenn Ranch in Montana to deliver some bad news to his former boss Nick. Just one problem, his GPS unit is a lying POS. It keeps having him drive in circles and nagging him to turn in impossible places. Then a man blows him a kiss, and reawakens a part of him Carlos thought was dead and gone. He's a middle aged cowboy, tired and unemployed, yet when he stops for directions and sees the sexy spitfire getting jacked off by one very handsome, stacked bartender, its a jolt to his libido. When Will and Troy invite him to play and make it clear they arent a couple, theyre just strangers like his is to them, Carlos just can't resist. But each of them have secrets, pain and desires, needs and hopes. Will is hated by most the town residents, Troy can't accept his own needs, and Carlos has let his past control him for almost two decades. Can they find what they need together and in themselves? Is such a thing possible? Reader Advisory: This book contains light BDSM, bondage, spankings
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Erotiskt Serie: Love in Xxchange: 9 Översättare:

Mer info om e-boken:

Förlag: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Utgiven: 2012-06-04
ISBN: 9781781840108

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