Ten Marathons - Doug Schneider

Ten Marathons

Ten Marathons

3.6 10 5 Författare: Doug Schneider Inläsare: Doug Schneider
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A memoir of life lessons learned the hard way – through thirty years of marathon running.

Doug became an accidental runner in his early twenties, mostly as a way to cope with work and stress. In all the vicissitudes of life—marriage, divorce, career successes and failures, family health crises—running emerges as a constant companion and source of joy. What starts out as a way to just stay in shape becomes a path to an inner life and a guiding light through life’s complications, told through the lens of a lifelong learner.

“Reading Doug Schneider's insightful Ten Marathons, I felt as if I had discovered a long-lost sibling or alter ego. He runs and thinks and appreciates life in ways that resonate deeply. This has nothing to do with running the Boston Marathon or crushing your personal best. It has everything to do with opening your eyes wide, breathing deeply, and following the trail around the next bend. Schneider writes that running makes him ‘feel totally alive and in the moment."’ That's how I felt as I savored Ten Marathons. It reminded me of all I love about reading and running.”
– Amby Burfoot, winner 1968 Boston Marathon; author, Run Forever
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Förlag: Saybrook Publishing
Utgiven: 2019-05-01
Längd: 4T 9M
ISBN: 9781733527323

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