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Fantasy & SciFi
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Bold Mercy

Författare: Laken Cane Uppläsare: Sierra Kline Ljudbok

It's hard to concentrate on work when you've just moon-shifted with your alpha . . .

But the council that recruited me doesn't waste any time handing me my first assignment-and it just happens to be personal to me.

I have to slay the warped evil that is Avis Vine-a human servant so twisted and changed by her former master's bad blood magic that she's no longer really human. She's a powerful, raging creature bent on revenge and filled with darkness and bloodlust. And making me suffer is her only goal.

But my wolf and I, we know about goals. We have goals. And we're just a little twisted ourselves. We aren't about to wait for Avis to find us. We're going to hunt her down, and we're going to end her miserable life before she can achieve her only purpose in life-killing the people I love, the same way I killed her master.

Frederick Axton was her only reason for living, and I took him away from her. You can see how that might piss a girl off.

And the longer I battle Avis Vine, the more I realize she's not going to be easy to end. As she blows through my city like a violent, destructive cyclone, I have to wonder . . .

Can I stop her before she shatters me and destroys my entire world?

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