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Digital for Good

Författare: Chris Skinner E-bok

The premise of Digital for Good is how can we use technology and finance to improve society and the planet?

Digital for Good looks at everything from how banking plays a role in the climate emergency through to the FinTech world using technology to overcome issues of inequality and inclusion. The themes of the book include questioning the purpose of banking, and whether it is socially useful; how purpose can impact a bank’s role in the climate emergency; the way in which we can use finance to do good for society and the planet; the latest developments in cryptocurrencies; and more.

Unlike Chris Skinner’s previous books, this is not an opinion piece but a collaborative effort that includes interviews and chapters from leading authorities including experts from across the world. Examples of those contributing to the book include Adrian Gore, Group Chief Executive, Discovery Bank (South Africa); Tom Blomfield, founder and former CEO, Monzo Bank (UK); Gail Bradbook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion (UK); Brock Pierce, Chair of the Bitcoin Foundation (USA); Jonathan Quin, Head of Europe Strategy for Ant Group (China); Gottfried Liebrundtt, former Chief Executive Office of SWIFT (Belgium); and many others from all over the world.

The aim of this book is to present an in-the-round, global view of the state of our financial and technological space today, and how these developments are both impacting and improving our world. The bottom-line is: if your business doesn’t stand for something, it will fall down.

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