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Don’t touch the art, touch me - Erotic Short Story

Författare: Sarah Skov E-bok

"He gently pushes me away and looks down on the floor. I lie down on my back, and he throws himself at me. I think he is just as close to cuming as I am. He penetrates me without difficulty and fucks me like Picasso’s woman fucked herself while he watched, but today it is not the painter who is watching."

One afternoon, the young curator and the handsome male visitor are the only ones in the art museum. The only ones aside from the paintings of Picasso’s naked women that surround them and the camera through which someone seems to be watching them...

The short story is published in cooperation with the Swedish film producer, Erika Lust. Her goal is to portray human nature and diversity through stories of passion, intimacy, love, and lust, combined with strong narratives and eroticism.

Sarah Sov is a pseudonym for a female Danish writer. In addition to Memories of Him, she has also published the short stories My Roommates Toy, Eat with Me, The Car Sex Generation and Obsessed with Owen Gray.

© 2020 Lust (E-bok) ISBN: 9788726389418 Översättare: Sif Rose Thaysen