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Full Brain Marketing for the Small Business: Merging Traditional, Digital & Social Media

Författare: DJ Heckes Uppläsare: DJ Heckes Ljudbok

Why full BRAIN Marketing? Undoubtedly, one of the most often needs in today's business world is determining how to merge traditional, digital and social media marketing in a hypercompetitive environment! Some business owners are even saying: “Innovate or Die!” Marketing has changed and the way to reach your target audience is changing. The demand for constructive change and the speed of change in today's world is unprecedented. Customers are embracing change and adapting to new product offerings faster than ever and businesses must innovate if they are to have any reasonable chance of growth. But innovating successfully is not easy, especially when marketing that innovation. It can be costly, time consuming and, worst of all, if not done properly, odds are that it will fail.

It is no longer a right brain or left brain world; it is the combination for full brain marketing that will work best for businesses in today's competitive intelligence world. Learn the new ways in which to acquire valuable insights into one's customer, ways in which to create game-changing ideas, and methods for reducing risk.

1. Are YOU ready for marketing?
2. Is your company branded?
3. Do you have a Competitive Edge?
4. Do you Tweet or Blog?
5. Are YOU Connected?

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