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Green Recovery: Get Lean, Get Smart, and Emerge From the Downturn On Top

Författare: Andrew S. Winston Uppläsare: Andrew S. Winston Ljudbok

When the economy turns rough, many companies sideline their green business initiatives. That's a big mistake. In Green Recovery, Andrew Winston shows that no company can afford to wait for the downturn to end before going green.

Green initiatives ratchet up your company's resource efficiency, creativity, and employee motivation. They save energy, waste, and money, preserving precious capital-and give precise focus to your innovation efforts and strategic priorities.

Part manifesto and part how-to guide, this concise and engaging audio book provides a road map for using green initiatives to deliver short-term gains and position your company for long-term strategic growth. You'll discover how to:

• Get lean: Amp up your energy and resource efficiency to survive tough times.

• Get smart: Use environmental data about products and supply chains for competitive advantage.

• Get creative: Rejuvenate your innovation efforts by asking heretical questions such as “How might we operate with no fossil fuels?”

• Get going: Engage and excite employees to solve the company's, your customers', and the world's environmental challenges.

Green Recovery is your guide to establishing your competitive positioning in difficult times and emerging even stronger into a vastly changed economy.

© 2009 Ascent Audio (Ljudbok) ISBN: 9781596594388

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