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Kemet Uncovered: Part One: A Box Set

Författare: Aliyah Burke, Taige Crenshaw E-bok

Kemet Uncovered: Part One – the box set

1 – Talios I am of war and have no home that I call my own. Destruction was my closest bedfellow until I was given to a goddess to pay my penance. Now set free I am adrift with my nomadic ways. Home for me is just a place to rest until I move on to another. I know I do not deserve a place or anyone to call mine. Yet I cannot resist her.

2 – Devi I am the goddess of time, immorality, and the cycle of life/death. Slow to anger, easy to smile.

3 – Linc I am of the primordial chaos before the world's creation. Older than Ra himself. A component of those who constitute the Ogdoad. I am of the water, existing in a cold world. Until her.

As gods and goddess of Kemet, Land of the Black, Ancient Egypt, we are older than time itself. Although our travels have delivered us down different paths, there remains a commonality between us. It takes but one thing to bring us to our knees—love.

Love, an emotion, which drives all sense from one's mind has felled many throughout the ages. Yet, this time as gods and goddess who fall in love with humans, we are powerless against the passion. These mortals not only capture our hearts but intertwine into our very souls.

Despite all our powers, not even we can resist when…Kemet is Uncovered.

© 2019 Totally Bound Publishing (E-bok) ISBN: 9781913186913

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