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Religion & Spiritualitet
8T 43min

Keys to Bonhoeffer's Haus: Exploring the World and Wisdom of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Författare: Laura M. Fabrycky Uppläsare: Rachel Perry Ljudbok

In Keys to Bonhoeffer's Haus, Laura M. Fabrycky, an American guide of the Bonhoeffer-Haus in Berlin, takes listeners on a tour of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's home, city, and world. She shares the keys she has discovered there-the many sources of Bonhoeffer's identity, his practices of Scripture meditation and prayer, his willingness to cross boundaries and befriend people all around the world-that have unlocked her understanding of her own life and responsibilities in light of Bonhoeffer's wisdom.

Keys to Bonhoeffer's Haus tells his story in new ways and invites us to think beyond him into our own lives and civic responsibilities. Fabrycky shows listeners how to consider what befriending Bonhoeffer might mean for us and the ways we live our lives today. Ultimately, through her transformative tour of Bonhoeffer's Berlin, she inspires listeners to discover and embrace responsible forms of civic agency and loving, sacrificial action on behalf of our neighbors.

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