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Measure for Measure

Författare: Jon Land E-bok

Vengeance leads to justice in this trio of thrillers from the USA Today–bestselling author and “one of the best all-out action writers in the business” (Los Angeles Review of Books).

“Nobody writes action like Jon Land, ” and in these three action-packed thrillers, personal quests for vengeance expose international conspiracies posing global threats (John Lescroart). No wonder James Rollins says: “Jon Land proves yet again that suspense has a new king. ”

Labyrinth: An American op in Colombia has discovered a far-reaching conspiracy, code-named Tantalus. After he is murdered, the State Department enlists an old friend of his. Once the Academy’s brightest prospect, Christopher Locke is now an unemployed professor sunken in debt, struggling to support three children. To avenge his friend’s death, Locke pursues a nefarious organization known as the Committee from Lichtenstein to Geneva to London, but with every turn he finds himself closer and closer to his own dead end.

The Lucifer Directive: Since the day his father was murdered by hijackers, Dan Lennigin has dreamed about taking revenge on the world’s terrorists. Now a college student, he is awakened one night by a phone call and hears a code meant for someone else’s ears. Minutes after the call, an operative for the antiterrorist agency Lucifer is killed, and his superiors come for Dan. He is the only one who has heard the warning, and the only one who can stop an international terrorist conspiracy.

The Council of Ten: After his cocaine-smuggling grandmother turns informant for the DEA and is murdered by a vicious drug lord, journalist Drew Jordan vows to avenge her. But he soon discovers the drug-smuggling operation is only the tip of a global conspiracy. Teaming up with an ex-CIA black ops agent known as the Timber Wolf and a lethal female Mossad agent, Jordan must bring down a shadow organization known only as the Council of Ten.

© 2018 Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller (E-bok) ISBN: 9781504055697