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Oen and Jarred Build a Better Tomorrow; Build a Better Tomorrow

Författare: Rod Mortin Uppläsare: Rod Mortin Ljudbok

Oen and Jarred are surprised by the arrival of not one but two teenagers. Jeromy, who met Jarred in Book Three of the Paths Trilogy, loves and admires Jarred. When Jeromy's mom remarries, the young Jeromy asks to live with Oen and Jarred. Rhea is sent my Dolana to find safety with Oen and Jarred. Raised in the shadow of the brothels, Rhea is a brilliant young woman who longs for safety and the opportunity to learn from Oen, the most gifted member of the Geneer tribe. Oen and Jarred successfully help both teens to complete their education and discover life partners. Their reputation as good parents leads the inter-tribal Council to recruit Oen and Jarred to oversee the construction and development of the first inter-tribal school. But tribalism rears its ugly head as members of a deviant group called the Proud Men seek to sabotage the school and all it represents. Oen and Jarred go on the hunt to track down each member of this secret group and bring them to justice. On the day of the school dedication, would-be assassins throw knives at the assembled leaders. Jarred protects a member of the Council by jumping in front of him, only to be nearly killed by the knife embedded in his spine. While he recovers, the source of the kill order is found and linked to yet another member of The Order. With their work at the school completed and their teens starting their own families, Oen and Jarred look forward to something approaching a normal life. But their desire is interrupted by a message from their friend Dolana. She and others want to leave the patriarchy and bigotry of their planet and start afresh on Zeta, the original destination of all the people who now comprise the tribes of their world. Should Oen and Jarred leave their home and all they've built to help Dolana build a new society? Can the dream of Zeta even be achieved? If they fail, will they make a path for the return of The Order and its evil oppression?

© 2021 Scribl (Ljudbok) ISBN: 9781637956236