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Fantasy & SciFi
2T 16min

Syblings the Syrial: Season One: Episodes 1-22

Författare: Paul du Preez Uppläsare: Paul du Preez Ljudbok

It’s the near-future: angelic and demonic forces are trying to influence the destiny of siblings Darren and Leandré. But Darren and Leandré are not controllable. Not easily—they are individualistic, unruly, passionate, each in their own way. Different and real.

Leandré takes charge of Darren. “What was that all about?”

“Sis, you know me; I’m a philosophical guy,” he drawls.

“Oh, right. ”

They glare. Behind smoky AR glasses, they can’t see each other’s eyes. But there’s still a charge—a sense of unspoken history flashing between them.

“Put your mask on.”

“Why? I didn’t wear one on stage.”

“Because it’s socially responsible.”

© 2020 Paul du Preez (Ljudbok) ISBN: 9781664949409

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