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The Charade

Författare: Judy Corry Uppläsare: Amy Melissa Bentley, Brandon Utah Ljudbok

When my math tutor made me sign a contract promising I wouldn't fall in love with him, I thought he was joking.

He wasn't.

Yes, Carter Hastings is the prince of Eden Falls Academy-one of the most beautiful humans on earth-and boy, does he know it. But I can use this to my advantage. Since I basically signed a paper saying I'd never catch feelings for him, it makes my plan even more perfect.

So I offer him a deal: a fake relationship. The arrangement helps Carter get revenge on his ex and helps me hide the fact that I'm not smart enough to be at this prestigious school. Win-win.

Only, as we pretend to be in a relationship, I find out he's different from what I expected. He's better. So much better. And when he kissed me last night, I just wanted it to be real.

But as I'm searching for a loophole in that stupid contract I signed, a huge family secret comes to light and all the sparks I started feeling for my fake boyfriend suddenly become forbidden.

I know I should walk away from him. That I should go back to keeping our tutoring sessions strictly professional . . . But I don't want to.

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