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The Clicking of Cuthbert

Författare: P.G. Wodehouse E-bok

Featuring ten works of comedic short fiction, P. G Wodehouse’s The Clicking of Cuthbert is comprised of stories about golfers that teach a lesson is an odd and amusing way. In A Woman is Only a Woman, the friendship between two men is threatened when they both fall in love with the same woman. Since she claims to like them equally, the two men decide to challenge each other to a game of golf, agreeing that the best golfer gets the woman’s hand in marriage. The Salvation of George Mackintosh Follows the transformation of a shy golfer named George. After participating in a public speaking class, George is chattier than ever, much to the dismay of his fiancé and fellow golfers. In a humorous exercise in word play, The Coming of Gowf imagines the origins of the sport. The Heel of Achilles features a young rising star in the sport of golf. Jopp is a confident man and an even more confident player. He sets goals for himself and earns attention with a winning streak. However, when Jopp becomes exposed to criticism, he struggles to keep his composure. Finally, the title story, The Clicking of Cuthbert portray the competition between a skilled golfer and a novelist as they both seek the admiration and love of a young woman from high society.

Each of the ten stories within P. G Wodehouse’s collection are crafted with masterful language and irresistible wit. With a common theme and a light-hearted tone, the stories within The Clicking of Cuthbert teach an unexpected lesson with memorable characters and bizarre circumstances.

This edition of The Clicking of Cuthbert by P. G Wodehouse is now presented in an easy-to-read font and features a striking new cover design. With these accommodations, modern readers can enjoy the classic humor of P. G Wodehouse with ease.

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