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The Man Upstairs and Other Stories

Författare: P.G. Wodehouse E-bok

Featuring nineteen sweet and humorous works of short fiction, P.G Wodehouse’s The Man Upstairs and Other Stories is filled with depictions of peculiar and sometimes disastrous methods of courtship. In Something to Worry About a young woman named Sally is forced to live with her aunt and uncle after her film obsession is deemed “unladylike”. When the young men of the village hear of this, they begin to shower Sally with gifts and attention, all hoping to be her suitor, but none are more persistent than the shy neighbor boy, Tom. Deep Waters follows a playwright and skilled swimmer named George who, despite his career success, goes to the pier to pout. There, he notices Mary, who is swimming in the water below. In an effort to keep her in his sight, George falls off the pier into the water, and Mary swims to his rescue. When they get back to shore, Mary offers George swimming lessons, which George decides to accept despite his skills in order to spend time with Mary. Finally, the title story, The Man Upstairs depicts Annette, a short-tempered composer who is bothered by a knocking on her apartment ceiling. After her investigation, she begins a close friendship with her upstairs neighbor, who is an artist, unaware that he is being dishonest about his identity.

With the classic and witty prose of P. G Wodehouse, each story within The Man Upstairs and Other Stories is carefully crafted with humor and sentiment. While providing a simple and fun reading experience, The Man Upstairs and Other Stories also explores the culture of British high society, allowing contemporary readers a glimpse into a privileged historic class.

This edition of The Man Upstairs and Other Stories by P. G Wodehouse features a new, eye-catching cover design and is printed in an easy-to-read font, making the classic both readable and modern.

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