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Författare: Juha Vuorinen E-bok

Road Rage! is the second volume of the Finnish cult classic series The Hangover Diaries. This time around, the main character Juha Berg takes a job as a cabbie, and in this new career, he encounters all kinds of passengers, from sex-crazed women and drug dealers to spontaneously combusting Russians. Also joining in on his adventures, of course, are Juha’s good ol' drinking buddies: the moronic mountain of lard Kristian and the war-loving sadistic pervert Mikael. Armed with his no one fucks with me attitude, just how does this hothead, who doesn't take orders or shit from anyone, deal with serving the public – while operating a motor vehicle? Buckle up for the most insane ride of your life!

© 2019 Diktaattori (E-bok) ISBN: 9789525474923 Översättare: Leonard Pearl