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When a Savage Falls for a Good Girl 2

Författare: Tina J. Uppläsare: Mirron Willis, Cami Darian Ljudbok

Rhythm found the true love she’s been waiting for. He was the piece to her puzzle and the perfect match in her eyes. However; the perfect relationship came with problems stemming from Kruz’s past.
They moved forward after the storm Zahra brought but is it over? Kruz has a lot to deal with now that his relationship seems to be on track.

Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong, and Sasha is caught in the middle. His mother is still on board with his ex for some reason. Will the truth ever come out on why she’s riding hard for Zahra or will it remain hidden? Kalila and Jamaica are
riding high in their relationship, or so they thought. Kandy doesn’t want to see him happy and has done any and everything to make him fail. When nothing works, she goes about it a different way, and all hell breaks loose in the last place
anyone expects. Someone gets caught in the crossfire and, not sure if the person will survive, Jamaica and Kruz go harder than ever to find the person in charge.

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