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Harnessing the Power At Your Fingertips: A Leader's Guide to B2B Marketing Communications

Автор: Dominic Walters Е-книга

Your quick-read guide to the power of marketing communications and why it is so important to your strategy and business.

Without the bull, Dominic Walters gives clear insight into how, and why, businesses should leverage this under-utilised discipline to underpin growth as well as to build and protect reputation.

No matter the size of your business, be it start-up, an existing small business, or a large corporation, these insights and observations from decades of marketing experience shine a light on the opportunities, mistakes and myths surrounding this critical discipline, including:

- Growing and protecting your business’s reputation
- The power of a symbiotic relationship between marketing communication and sales
- The significance of building an army of advocates, both in-house and out-of-house
- How to use agencies effectively in a world where old approaches to branding and advertising no longer work
- Getting value for money from your marketing communications

A compact, accessible and practical guide, it is designed to bring clarity to a too-often misunderstood area of business strategy and to do so as straightforwardly as possible.

© 2021 CUTTING THROUGH THE BULL PUBLISHING (Е-книга) ISBN: 9781838348816

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