няма отзиви

Monday or Tuesday

Автор: Virginia Woolf Е-книга

A stylistically innovative volume of short stories from the groundbreaking author of Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, and Orlando.

First presented as one volume in 1921, Monday or Tuesday was the only collection of stories Virginia Woolf published in her lifetime. Written in her experimental, stream-of-consciousness style, these eight unconventional stories eschew traditional plot and character development in favor of interior thoughts, emotions, memories, and associations.

From a heron’s in-flight perceptions in “Monday or Tuesday” to a ghost couple searching for treasure in “A Haunted House,” from a meditation on color as a catalyst for imagination and emotional connections in “Blue and Green” to the invented stories of a narrator on a train observing a fellow passenger in “An Unwritten Novel,” Woolf’s poetic explorations take readers in directions previously unexamined, revealing an intensity of feeling and depth of insight that would continue to characterize her later work.

Michael Cunningham, author of the Pulitzer Prize–winning novel The Hours, has said of Woolf: “She was doing with language something like what Jimi Hendrix does with a guitar.” Taken together, these lyrical and evocative stories create a rich mosaic of the artist’s radically unique sensibility.

Monday or Tuesday includes“A Haunted House,” “A Society,” “Monday or Tuesday,”
“An Unwritten Novel,” “The String Quartet,” “Blue and Green,” “Kew Gardens,” and “The Mark on the Wall.”

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